You can have an extra hour in your day with these 3 secrets!

In my short video, you'll learn the 3 secrets so you can:  complete your to-do list, enjoy time with family, do something for yourself, binge watch Netflix without guilt.

You can have an extra hour in your day with these 3 secrets!

In my short video, you'll learn the 3 secrets so you can:  complete your to-do list, enjoy your free time, do something for yourself, binge watch Netflix without guilt. 

I'd prefer to read instead of watching a video:  The 3 Secrets to Having An Extra Hour Per Day


You Do Everything....

  • Yes, you have a spouse but (s)he has to be constantly poked and prodded to do things. 
  • You don't want to do everything.  But it's so much effort to get (s)he to do it right and in a timely manner that you might as well do it yourself! 
  • Each attempt at free time gets thwarted because they all need something that only you can deliver. 
  • Tired of spinning on the hamster wheel of your job, yet don't know how to jump off?
  • It doesn't matter what age, stage of life or family circumstances you find yourself in, you can always choose to be curious and to want different things.  You start by prioritizing yourself. 
  • First step towards prioritization is demonstrated by giving yourself time.  Follow the 3 secrets to have an extra hour in your day.  Grab my short video to learn how.  PDF version is available too for your reading pleasure. 

I was the 'do it all' person!  And yet I felt something was missing.  

After all my years of hard work, I finally arrived.  I was a doctor with a secure job.  I was married with 2 kids living in my dream house.  I worked my 24-hour shifts and came home to attend to domestic needs as a mom and spouse.  I dined at gourmet restaurants, traveled to exotic destinations, and had self-care 'spa days'.  On the surface, all was well.  But underneath, I felt stagnant with my daily exhausting rinse and repeat grind.  What if all the hard work was for nothing?  What if I want a different life? I was too scared to pause even briefly to examine my life so I hid.  I hid behind a longer to-do list, taking on more and more responsibilities until I buckled under all the weight.  

Do you have an inner voice that you've been ignoring?  Are you afraid of thinking, 'there's got to be more'?  All you know is that you feel overwhelmed yet gray & 'blah'. So you hide behind busyness.  This is so much bigger than just completing a 'to-do' list.  This is about building trust with yourself.  Trust in your decisions.  Trust in your passions.  Trust that you'll honor the plans you make. 


Live the life you want, not the one others expect of you!!

After our work together, you will be able to:

  • Say 'NO' to those extra shifts & favors all with your boss/colleagues' support & approval.  
  • Set loving boundaries that will be respected -> ex. Your kids won't throw a tantrum when you do not chauffeur them to impromptu activities because you have planned a walk.  Your spouse will make dinner because you have a yoga class. 
  • Implement your wishes -> ex. every member of the family pitches in to do laundry, cook, wash dishes.
  • Find your passions/hobbies ->  set a regular fitness routine,  resume gardening, read leisurely, write creatively, paint stills, etc.
  • Have authentic relationships -> you will not bail your spouse out of situations, you will not internalize disparaging remarks from parents/in-laws. 

As your life coach, I will walk alongside you as you courageously step forward to advocate for yourself. I'll teach you how to set aside time for self-discovery, to figure out why you're feeling gray and 'blah'.  After working with me, you will be empowered to prioritize yourself and live the life you want.  Not the life that others expect of you.  It's possible.  I did.  

Yes, I'm stepping forward for my advocacy